2017 December Time Trials and Desert Drags Results

DOWNLOAD RESULTS HERE: December 2017 Results

The data provided is the raw data reported from the transponder software and arranged by fastest lap time. If you only see a select amount of lap times, know that we went off your fastest. Please note that practice and restart laps may be listed as well. This may clear up why some drivers have more laps and usually faster/longer lap times. Even number laps are the times a driver waited in line to start their next lap. They may be similar times to your lap time but please understand that is the time he or she waited to do their next lap. Also note that getting back in line to complete another lap was also included as this system was not a “on-off” process. Please email us with any questions!


Baja Bug:
1st – Vache Badossian
2nd – Zack Smith
3rd – Thor Anderson

1st – Eric Hampton
2nd – George Hammel
3rd – Louis Floquet

1st – Walter Nitto
2nd – Jame Brittain
3rd – Justin Wyche

1st – Mike Kosareff
2nd – Mark McNeil
3rd – Mike Smolik

Super Stock:
1st- Jesse Coss
2nd – Johnathon Gilbert
3rd – Mark Gerloff

1st – Jordan Sellers
2nd – Bryan Blagg
3rd – Scott Gailey

1400 Linked:
1st – Josh Alves
2nd – Jack Olson
3rd – Brett Schartzah

1st – Jerry Larimore
2nd – Blake Wilkey
3rd – Thomas Dunn


1st – Brandon Zeek – 2010 Motorsports Plus Dual Sport Sandrail

2nd – Vache Badossian – 2012 Chenoweth 4LWD