Rules & Tech Requirements

Please review class specifications before entering. You will need to select the class that your vehicle is entering in the registration process. If you have any questions, please CONTACT US. The Jump Champs reserves the RIGHT to adjust vehicle class placement to retain the competitive concept of each class. If we feel your vehicle is not properly categorized on race day, we will place you into the appropriate class. We will be instating a size limit per class to allow a variety of vehicles to enter. CLASSES ARE FILLING UP FAST AND SPOTS ARE LIMITED! SIGN UP TODAY!

The Jump Champs staff has discretion over the final approval of vehicles in entering. If we do not see your vehicle is fit for co-drivers or a sole driver, we have the right to ask you to sit out for that event and to show up again with your vehicle up to participation standards.

The Jump Champs team understands that many young drivers currently race in larger series, however at this time drivers and co-drivers must be 13 years of age. He or she MUST have a parent or legal guardian present to sign minor releases. We do recommend that parent or legal guardian attend entirety of the event and even take the opportunity to drive or co-drive with their child.


    • Super Stock – Stock based vehicle with stock arms and only bolt on upgrades (Coilovers, coils, shocks, bypass, etc. THERE WILL BE NO JUNKERS ALLOWED – JUMP CHAMPS STAFF RESERVES THE RIGHT TO REFUSE ENTRY IF THE VEHICLE IS DEEMED UNFIT).
    • Modified – Stock based vehicle with aftermarket suspension components added. LEAF SPRINGS/STOCK BASED MOTOR (Kit Based Long travel A-Arms, Extended I-beams, Long Arm Solid Axle Kit, Long Travel Leaf Springs, Bedcages OK). NO race vehicles!
    • Linked/Custom – Stock based vehicle with aftermarket suspension. MOTOR SWAPS (Equal Length I-Beams, Custom Pivot Long Travel A-Arm Kits, Linked Rear Suspension).
    • 1450/Class 2000 Leaf Spring – Fully Caged & Race Legal LEAF SPRING trucks. Any truck that has RACED in the 1450/1400 class , pre-runner class from any other sanctioned event. MOTOR SWAPPED LEAF SPRING TRUCKS HERE
    • 1400 Linked – Fully Caged & Race Legal LINKED trucks. Any “capable” truck that has RACED in the 1450/1400 class, pre-runner class from any other sanctioned event.
    • Unlimited 4×4/4400/Ultra 4 – Unlimited 4wd class. KOH, Ultra 4 and rock bouncers welcome
    • UTV 900-1000 cc – Stock based UTV class.
    • UTV Modified/Turbo – Any UTV with over 1000cc, turbos or UTVs that have raced any other sanctioned event (SR1).
    • Ford Raptors – Stock suspension configuration required – BED CAGES ALLOWED.
    • Unlimited – Class 1, Class 100, Short Course Trucks, Trophy Trucks.
    • Baja Bugs
    • Broncos Only – Leaf spring, open front suspension. (You have the option to get in this class or for those that qualify, Modified or Super Stock. Linked Broncos must go in the Linked class.)
    • 1500 Only – Leaf spring, Chevy 1500 or GMC 1500
    • Sand Cars

Safety – Tech Requirements

This is NOT a door-to-door racing event, you will be the only vehicle on the course at each time. This allows for more lenient tech requirements but we encourage a full race cage, gloves, and a head/neck restraint. A cage in not required, neither is a fuel cell. Safety is on everyone’s mind. If you own a race truck, we STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to participate with all the safety equipment you own, like a head/neck restraint, to help lead by example. Race at your own risk.  Vehicles must be in safe, working condition. Must have a roof. Vehicles without doors must have door bars. ALL DRIVERS WILL BE REQUIRED THE FOLLOWING:

  • Helmet (Needs to be moto style or auto style with goggles if no lens is attached).
  • Closed toed shoes, racing shoes highly recommended.
  • Must be wearing seat belt, seat belt needs to be in full working condition. (Stock or racing style belts).
  • SFI rated RACE SUIT. (Available for rent from The Jump Champs). Find information HERE
  • 2.5 pound fire extinguisher MUST be attached to the outside of your vehicle in a easily visible, easily accessible location.

We are allowing passengers! Co-drivers must sign in and register online. There is a $50 fee to ride. Co-drivers must wear HELMETS, Race Suits, and close-toed shoes. Additional safety equipment is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. For passenger information, go to this LINK.