2019 MAY Jump Champs Weekend Results

The data provided is the raw data reported from the transponder software and arranged by fastest lap time. If you only see a select amount of lap times, know that we went off your fastest. Please note that practice and restart laps may be listed as well. This may clear up why some drivers have more laps and usually faster/longer lap times. DOWNLOAD MAY 2019 RESULTS

Baja Bug:
1st – Matt Greeley
2nd – Joe Erchelberger
3rd – John Richards

Bronco Only:
1st – Dave Sanchez
2nd – Greg Gilbert
3rd – Aaron Barrack

UTV Turbo:
1st – Steven Parks
2nd – Chris Mazzula
3rd – Barak Sabach

1. Mike Vaca
2. Sean Torres
3. Josh Alves

Ultra 4400:
1. Jack Badossian
2. Scott Lewis
3. Cory Berge

1st – Michael Crabtree
2nd – Greg Gilbert
3rd – Blake Wilkey

1st – Mike Kosareff
2nd – Aaron Van Velsir
3rd – Mike Smolik

Super Stock:
1st- Burt Golding
2nd – Andrew Williams
3rd – Chris Schmidt

1st – Aaron Bruno
2nd – Jordan Sellers
3rd – Jeff Pera

1400 Linked:
1st – Tim Weston
2nd – Cody Campbell
3rd – Kevin Siegel

1st – Mike Rennick
2nd – Chris Isenhouer
3rd –  Zach Zaiden

Sand Car:
1. Vache Badossian
2. John Frank
3. Eric Herb

1. Joseph Lebeck
2. Sandy Sausuer

1st Open Class – Koby Bechor

1st Stock Class – Mike Kosareff

Jump Contest

1st – Blake Wilkey
2nd – Cody Campbell
3rd – Aaron Bruno