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What is The Jump Champs?

The Jump Champs is a grassroots off-road event. We have multiple events including the Time Trials, Jump Contest, and Desert Drags event. We have multiple classes that allows drivers of all skill levels and vehicle capabilities to enter. We designate a course that is technical yet enjoyable so to cater to each class. Our events are for fun. We do not run season points or have side-by-side racing (except for Desert Drags).

Where does The Jump Champs take place?

We have a continuing relationship with Glen Helen Raceway and all of our events May and December events are held there. The address to Glen Helen Raceway is 18585 Verdemont Ranch Rd. San Bernardino, CA 92407

How much does it cost to enter?

Entry into the Time Trials is $150. With your paid entry, this also includes Desert Drags and Jump Contest (May only). You do not have to participate in all three but it is included. The price also pays for rental of a transponder for the day which you need to keep your times.

How much is it to spectate and camp?

It is $10 per person to get into the event. You will pay at the front gate to Glen Helen Raceway. Camping is $10 per night.

Any camping rules?

We want you all to have a blast this weekend, hanging out with friends and enjoying your time. Remember, we are GUESTS of Glen Helen Raceway. Be respectful of their facilities and their crew. By camping at the track, you agree to the Jump Champs and Glen Helen rules for overnight stay. This includes a noise restriction after 10:00pm. PLEASE keep down the music and levels of your voice. Be courteous to others and those camping around you. Each camper is responsible for their guests and their behavior. KEEP OFF ALL TRACKS AT NIGHT! This includes motocross, short course, and Jump Champs courses.

We cannot stress this enough, STAY OFF ALL TRACKS! No hot laps, donuts, burnouts, in your vehicle or someone else’s. If a racer or one of their guests is found on a track at night or is participating in a negative fashion, The Jump Champs has the right to revoke your participation in the competitions WITHOUT reimbursement. No fireworks, dogs must be on leashes, and please keep your camp clean of trash. Misbehavior can result in the Jump Champs not returning. Don’t make yourself an example!

Can I bring my pit bikes?

Yes! However please be respectful of all other vehicles and campers. There is NO RIDING on motocross tracks or any other course at Glen Helen. Anyone caught riding on a course will have their team disqualified and you will be immediately asked to leave. Wear your helmet!

What is the earliest I can arrive at Jump Champs?

Front gates open on Friday, 10:00am. Come on in to set up camp, get your vehicle teched, and practice if you’ve signed up for it! Gates CLOSE at 09:00pm Friday night and do not reopen until Saturday morning at 6:00am.

Why is there no door-to-door racing?

Our event caters to a range of drivers and skill levels. Some are not comfortable with door-to-door racing. The time trials format gives each driver an advantage to have a clean, open track to put down their fastest lap and really test their skills in a comfortable environment. If you prefer door-to-door, we can recommend some other great events to get your fix!

Why can’t I just drive on the track really quick?

Our safety team runs a tight ship on being informed on who and why each driver is on the track. All other drivers have gone tech evaluation, paid for their spot, and are suited up to drive their vehicles.

What safety requirements are needed?

Please see our TECH & SAFETY page to read all the requirements. Each vehicle must be teched before participating, even if just for practice.

Is the event rain or shine?

We drive in dirt or mud!

I paid for my entry but my vehicle won’t be done!

We allow refunds up to two weeks before the event. Email us for options if it past that date.

What class is my vehicle in?

Review our CLASS DESCRIPTIONS to see where you fit. Any other clarification, email us.

Can I just come to practice?

Practice is open to Time Trials participants only. Friday practice is $65 and is from noon to sunset and you must be teched first. There is no practice on Saturday.

What is the Time Trials format?

Each driver rents a transponder with their entry fee. A transponder digitally collects your time when you cross start finish. We divide vehicles into the appropriate class and designate a that each class sees the track by the class’s capability. Super Stock will go much earlier than the Unlimited class because as the day goes on, the track gets torn up. During your class’s session, each driver will get a certain amount of laps to put down their fastest time. Trophies are awarded 1st, 2nd, 3rd.

What is the Jump Contest format?

Each driver gets three jumps to put down their furthest distance. Classes are divided into Limited and Unlimited. No co-drivers are allowed.

What is the Desert Drags format?

Elimination-bracket style, vehicles are lined up side-by-side based on capability. Drivers race to the end and turn away from each other around a tractor tire and then race back to the finish. Similar to a barrel race! Best two out of three, loser gets eliminated.

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