Fill That Right Side Seat

The Jumps Champs event has grown leaps and bounds since its inception. This growth allows us to open the door to the option of sharing the experience on the track with others! The co-driver ban has been lifted! But there are additional rules that need to followed. Co-driver fees are $50 per participant. Co-drivers can ride in any class but will also require race suit, close-toed shoes, and helmets.  Race vehicles that can handle more than one co-driver will require door bars and cages. NO EXCEPTIONS!

The Jump Champs staff has discretion over the final approval of vehicles in entering. If we do not see your vehicle is fit for co-drivers or a sole driver, we have the right to ask you to sit out for that event and to show up again with your vehicle up to participation standards.

Please help us LEAD BY EXAMPLE. Safety is top of the list, everyone has the equipment, and your race truck does not know if it is playing or racing so show up prepared!