Spend the weekend at the races while camping in your trailer or RV!
  • No camping fee for vehicle, trailer or RV!
  • Saturday night camping is free.
  • First come, first serve basis but there is usually plenty of room!
  • Racers – camping is available to you as a part of your paid entry. Thank you!


**By camping at the track, you agree to the Jump Champs and Glen Helen rules for overnight stay. This includes a noise restriction after 11:00am. PLEASE keep down the music and levels of your voice. Be courteous to others and those camping around you. Each camper is responsible for their guests and their behavior. KEEP OFF ALL TRACKS AT NIGHT! This includes motocross, short course, and Jump Champs courses. If a racer or one of their guests is found on a track at night or is participating in a negative fashion, The Jump Champs has the right to revoke your participation in the time trials WITHOUT reimbursement. No fireworks, dogs must be on leashes, and please keep your camp clean of trash. We are guests of Glen Helen Raceway and misbehavior can result in the Jump Champs not returning. Don’t make yourself an example!**