By November 14, 2019News, Sponsors, Time Trials

NOV. 14, 2019 – (Corona, CA) The Time Trials and More weekend is fast approaching and the hype is real. The next event slated for December 7, has driven a big influx of new drivers with some of the baddest vehicles in the industry to our registration page. With over twelve classes to choose from, there is a class for any off-road vehicle at the Time Trials and More presented by Method Race Wheels. The demand for a specific, 1500 Only Class for leaf sprung Chevys and GMCs has been fulfilled. We want to introduce KDM Machine and Fab, as the official 1500 Only Class sponsor.

KDM Machine and Fab is owned by Gary Winkler, a long-time off-road enthusiast and Jump Champs competitor. Starting from a dream of Gary’s after years of experience in the highly-specialized aerospace sector, KDM offers the same quality of fabrication on all of their projects. Their builds are well known with multiple features. Fans will be able to see KDM-built vehicles in action during the Time Trials as Gary will be driving his own personal Chevy Silverado, built with 5.3 V8 tuned with a Stage 4 Cam Package, LSK Race Kit, and King Shocks all around.

As a part of the December 7th Time Trials and More presented by Method Race Wheels, the KDM Machine and Fab 1500 Only Class will offer an awesome prize package for the top finishers. The 1st place winner will get $300 towards fab work done at KDM. 2nd place will receive $100 towards KDM fab products, and 3rd place will receive a swag pack. That is three more reasons to get your vehicle entered!


The Jump Champs main focus is gathering the fans, the enthusiasts, the recreational off road vehicle or UTV owners and giving them a place to show off their vehicles and driving ability. With featured events such as The Jump Champs, The Time Trials, The Desert Drags, The Dirt Champs, and The Fun Champs are contest of skill which allows for the most participation with very affordable entry fees. This event has been long overdue and we are excited to team up with sponsors, big name racers and the iconic Glen Helen Raceway to bring this event to the masses. The goal is to bring the average spectator out to be part of the event, instead of sitting in the stands.