May 18th, 2018 (Corona, CA.) – The Jump Champs is well known to consecutive attendees for being a great time to not only watch action-pack, off-road driving but also to meet old and new friends. This last weekend, The Jump Champs 3.0 Presented By Dirt Alliance proved to deliver high-flying fun and a lot of opportunity to put the off-road toys to use.

Friday provided prime track conditions for the practice sessions with a large group laying down laps all day long and dialing in their vehicles. The Jump Champs staff was overjoyed to see that half of the total 110 entries attended Friday’s practice and was able to get some great track time in while casually getting their vehicles through tech and registration. Although with any off-road event, break downs can occur but all were sorted out by the solid crew of Strategic Racing Designs who were offering trackside support and repair service; a new, highlighting feature to The Jump Champs weekend!

As Friday came to a close, we let the sun fade away and with a little track preparation, The Jump Champs Crew cleared the way for the Titan Fuel Tanks Desert Drags. This event was back from The Jump Champs’ December event due to high demand!  Under the light towers overlooking the wash section, a dozen races entertained the crowd of several hundred. Those that were able to witness the brazen door-to-door off-road drag racing, made it known that this was the perfect way to kick off The Jump Champs weekend. Titan Fuel Tanks Desert Drags Race Results can be found here.

Waking up to a few scattered showers and looming storm clouds did not scare off a very packed house at Glen Helen. Saturday brought some damp conditions but there was one class ready for the challenge. The Desolate Motorsports Broncos Only Class would be the first to take to course! This short wheelbase, 4×4 off-road machines were the perfect vehicles to blaze through a muddy track. It looked like pure bliss for every driver blasting over puddles, ripping through the mud, and just getting rad during the Jump Champs Time Trials. In all there were 15 Broncos in the class; a pure joy to see on its initial introduction to the event.

After the first sessions hit the track, the mud began to dry and get pushed out of the race line. By early afternoon the track was ripe and the times were clicking off consistently faster as is the case with the faster classes making their appearance.  “Mud Champs” had turned into “Fun Champs” and The Jump Champs Off-Road Action Festival was kicking loud, fast, busy and still a bit muddy.

The Heat Wave Visual Show & Shine had taken over the Vendor Rows main road with a dozen highly desirable off-road vehicles on display. New to the weekend The Jump Champs stepped it up with a lifted main stage, photo booth sending photos and Boomerangs directly to a fan’s mobile device, and the Monster Energy Girls were making sure it was all smiles.  The Jump Champs Ride-A-Long Program was providing Thrill Rides all day to the lucky dozen who got on the schedule. The Hangar 24 Craft Brews were flowing. The Dirt Alliance Lounge was slinging some brand new apparel designs and any of the 25 vendors selling sweaters were SOLD OUT!

The Jump Champs Time Trials moved through the 13 classes and 12 sessions with over 110 registered cars. Staying on time and keeping the lap counts higher is The Jump Champs number one goal throughout the day. We are happy to report there was minimal downtime despite the wet and muddy conditions and all competitors enjoyed their five laps during their classes’ session. CLICK HERE FOR EVENT RESULTS

The Time Trials award ceremony allowed just enough time to get the Jump Champs Jump Contest set up and ready to thrill the crowd. Right about 7:00PM, The Jump Champs gave the Launch Ramp a solid huck test and gave it the “thumbs up”! Nearly 20 participants threw it down their best “send it” attempts with each driver getting three go arounds. High flying fun and just a little bit of carnage was the result. In the end, The Jump Champs delivered another great event.

Thank you to every one of the fans, family, and drivers who came out, braved the conditions, and were a part of The Jump Champs Off-Road Action Festival!


The Jump Champs main focus is gathering the fans, the enthusiasts, the recreational off road vehicle or UTV owners and giving them a place to show off their vehicles and driving ability. With featured events such as The Jump Champs, The Time Trials, and The Desert Drags are contest of skill which allows for the most participation with very affordable entry fees. This event has been long overdue and we are excited to team up with sponsors, big name racers and the iconic Glen Helen Raceway to bring this event to the masses. The goal is to bring the average spectator out to be part of the event, instead of sitting in the stands.