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May 9th, 2018 (Corona, CA.) – The Jump Champs has garnered a support package from STEEL-IT ® Stainless Steel Coatings which specifically rewards event participants. STEEL-IT Polyurethane provides a rugged barrier against rust and corrosion and leaves the raw steel completely weldable.

Starting Friday The Jump Champs is open for Registration, Tech Inspection, and then Open Practice Sessions for the Time Trials Course. The STEEL-IT Early Bird Special will reward the first five people who pass through Tech and then the next first entry in every class with a STEEL-IT Product Sampling & stocked up Sway Bag.

Beyond that STEEL-IT Stainless Steel Coating has committed huge prizes for several event top finishers.

  • 1 Jump Contest Winner = 1 case & 1 Swag Bag
  • 1 Desert Drags Winner = 1 case
  • 1 Show & Shine Winner = 1 Swag Bag
  • Time Trials Winners = 4 cases & 5 Swag Bag

STEEL-IT will be on site at The Jump Champs on Saturday, May 12. In coordination with The Fab School, interested attendees can try out the products and learn about its uses. This stainless steel shield makes materials coated with STEEL-IT nearly impervious to rust and corrosive elements while providing a durable finish that holds up under the most challenging conditions. For more information on how to apply STEEL-IT check out this video.

The Jump Champs Vendor Row & Fan Zone will be popping!. Centered at the heart of the event, this is the spot to run into old friends, mingle, make new ones, hook up; whatever! Vendor Row regulars like Dirt Alliance, Heat Wave Visual, Monster Energy and Shreddy set the mood and positive vibes for ultimate good times and maximum chill factor. Many new companies are also expressing interest and are pledging to participate.

Visit www.STEEL-IT.com/Motorsports for product details & applications.

About Stainless Steel Coatings, Inc. 
STEEL-IT® brand coatings, manufactured in the USA since ’74 by Stainless Steel Coatings, Inc., have made their mark in a number of industries due to the coatings’ durability and proven track record withstanding harsh environments that normally degrade and destroy metal parts and structures. From food and chemical processing plants to rocket launch pads and punishing race courses, STEEL-IT has become the coating of choice to protect critical parts from corrosion, chemicals, abrasion, severe temperature cycling and other demanding conditions where superior performance is a must. Easy to use and applied just like paint, STEEL-IT is a high-performance, chemically engineered coating that’s far better than paint. Packed full of custom-engineered 316L stainless steel micro flakes and other anticorrosive compounds, using STEEL-IT is like spraying on a dense barrier shield of stainless steel armor that’s nearly impervious to rust and corrosive elements.

STEEL-IT: Making Powder Coat a Thing of the Past!


The Jump Champs main focus is gathering the fans, the enthusiasts, the recreational off road vehicle or UTV owners and giving them a place to show off their vehicles and driving ability. With featured events such as The Jump Champs, The Time Trials, and The Desert Drags are contest of skill which allows for the most participation with very affordable entry fees. This event has been long overdue and we are excited to team up with sponsors, big name racers and the iconic Glen Helen Raceway to bring this event to the masses. The goal is to bring the average spectator out to be part of the event, instead of sitting in the stands.