January 9th, 2018 (Corona, CA.) – Looking back at 2017, The Jump Champs is feeling the positive vibes from the off road community. The grass roots garage born enthusiast and the multitude of fans that have experienced and enjoyed The Jump Champs Events have poured their feedback in and we are listening. Driving ahead into 2018, we are looking through the windshield, hammered down on the fun pedal, and are steering towards more of what the people want. BE THE SHOW!

It is not just a tagline for us. We are giving “Regular Joes” the chance to GET ON TRACK with their pride & joy and challenge their buddies. To see people realizing they are living out a life-long dream is a near indescribable feeling.

For 2018, there will be more opportunities to BE THE SHOW. We are exploring other options, events, and venues but our Main Events are locked in solid.

• The Jump Champs Jump Contest is returning – May 12, 2018. *Time Trials feature.
• The Yamaha Time Trials Only Presented By The Jump Champs – December 15, 2018.

If you were not able to attend our most recent event this last December, we have this awesome Recap Video produced by our friends at Attain Media. The 2017 Yamaha Time Trials Only was a big hit and the regulars are stating it was the best event to date.

Officially, we hosted 101 entries with many first timers and a ton of awesome vehicles. We also had over 30 Co-Drivers getting in on the excitement. Combine that with the Yamaha YXZ 1000R Drive & Ride Demos, dozens of Jump Champs Ride-A-Longs, and The Desert Drags Finale; there was a whole lot of off road action going on all day!

The Jump Champs Hero Program & Lumiere Photo Booth was a big hit with both the racers & spectators. The fresh setup complete with a Red Carpet and a huge 20’ Step & Repeat attracted hundreds of visitors. The stats do not lie: 57,032 Impressions with 17,083 unique individuals reached. Don’t worry! We saw the shenanigans posted all over social media and you can bet your folks did do.

The Jump Champs would like to thank everyone who participated, all the fans, and the off road community for making this another great success. We would also like to recognize the Jump Champs volunteers for their extra effort all day long. You are truly appreciated!

The Jump Champs and events like the Time Trials Only are made possible by Yamaha Motors Corporation, Heat Wave Visual, McNeil Racing Inc., PRP Seats, Tubeworks Race Line Products, Ultimate PreRunners, Gibson Exhaust, Pole Position, Monster Energy, CPI Resources, and Attain Media.


The Jump Champs main focus is gathering the fans, the enthusiasts, the recreational off road vehicle or UTV owners and giving them a place to show off their vehicles and driving ability. With featured events such as The Jump Champs, The Time Trials, and The Desert Drags are contest of skill which allows for the most participation with very affordable entry fees. This event has been long overdue and we are excited to team up with sponsors, big name racers and the iconic Glen Helen Raceway to bring this event to the masses. The goal is to bring the average spectator out to be part of the event, instead of sitting in the stands.