MotoNetworks Article: Jump Champs Should be on the Bucket List of Every Off Road Enthusiast

By May 24, 2017News

If you have not yet liked Moto Networks, give them a like and follow the page for everything moto gear head related. They also recently published a nice article on #JumpChamps2 and why it “Should be on the Bucket List of Every Offroad Enthusiast”

Off-roading is one of the few forms of motorsport that can be just as challenging and exhilarating whether you’re traveling at over 100mph over gnarly desert terrain, sailing 100ft through the air, or crawling at 5mph over massive rock obstacles. There’s a new event called Jump Champs that takes place at the famous Glen Helen Raceway and without a question, it must be on the bucket list of anyone that’s a fan of off-road racing. The event started last year and they just recently had the Jump Champs 2.0 weekend, and as the name implies there’s all sorts of high flying action. In my opinion, there are two quick and simple reasons why every off-road enthusiasts should attend Jump Champs, assuming they continue the event next year, which with the popularity it’s gotten after just two events there is no reason why it wouldn’t.