May 23rd, 2017 – Corona, CA. The Jump Champs hosted its third event in the duration of just 12 months and it has to be noted. Everyone had a great time and The Jump Champs events keep getting bigger and better. The Jump Champs 2.0 delivered big action on May 13, at Glen Helen Raceway, and the large crowd was treated to a full day of off-road vehicles on the Time Trials Track while saving the best for last with a huge Jump Contest!

Once again, the Time Trials Drivers competed against a stacked field of vehicles separated into eight different classes. Each group was lined up and scheduled for a four lap session. This format proved to equalize the competition and made for a much improved traffic flow. The Time Trials ran all day and on schedule with Trucks, Buggies, and UTVs on the track from 10:00AM – 4:00PM. The crowd of spectators and also the drivers enjoyed being able to watch the action for the better part of the day. Results and lap times have been posted on The Jump Champs website.

With Friday’s available practice and previous April’s Official Practice Day, the drivers that opted-in were able to pick up many extra laps and it showed on the time sheet. The Jump Champs team hopes to arrange for more Official Practice Days to get everyone additional seat time. After all, that is one of our main reason for organizing these events; “USE YOUR TRUCK MORE THAN BEFORE!

The Jump Contest was scheduled to take place with a few confirmed dare devils. The large crowd, however, was charged up by a few last minute drivers along with the prime dirt jump & landing, which attracted even more. By the time the Jump Contest was staged, there were over thirty different competitors that wanted a chance at claiming glory.

Oh how glorious it was! The brave few that pinned it all the way down the approach and off the dirt ramp, were absolutely launching 30 + feet in the air and sending it way over 100 feet in distance before coming down the face of the landing. There was not a person in attendance that was not shocked on witnessing the massive air. In the end, it was David Marshall in a buggy that went 160 feet for furthest distance for 1st place. Jerry Larimore sent it huge for the Biggest Style Award, Kevin Terry for 2nd place, and James Angeulov rounding out the podium in 3rd place.